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These selected Initiations from The Temples of Light book and 6CD set—includes a recording of the “Journey to the Temples of Light—Joining Heaven and Earth,” which is the first destination on your sojourn through Egypt's Temples and “St. Catherine’s Star Gate Initiation—Choosing Peace,” which is the last initiation in the series. The combination of relaxing music and guided imagery deeply engages your imagination and senses to transport you to Egypt so you can fully integrate the heart teachings of each sacred site.

The Journey to the Temples of Light guides you to use your breath to be grounded in your body and to travel through your heart to ancient Egypt, so that the benefits of these initiations are experienced in your body and, more specifically, the benefits elicited spark an alchemical transformation that renews and energizes your heart. In this first journey you meet your guides—Thoth, who records your mystery school experiences in your Akashic Records and Isis, your midwife as you re-member and give birth to your renewed self. You also familiarize yourself with your transportation to the Temples of Light, your felucca, or sailboat, which will carry you from temple to temple along the Nile River.

The guided meditation to St. Catherine’s Star Gate offers the opportunity to live from your heart and to be at peace and lead a life of peace. This beautiful and blissful meditation with enchanting music from Ani Williams, Homage to Hathor imparts the knowledge that All is well. Everything in your life is in a natural ebb and flow. Be at peace with who and where you are. It is simply perfect. Be at peace with what you have; you created it all. Be at peace. Your soul is everlasting. Be at peace.

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